礼盒(大盒8枚装)Box (8 cakes)

礼盒(大盒8枚装)Box (8 cakes)

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    商品名称:礼盒(大盒8枚装)Box (8 cakes)
  • 品牌:MMB
  • 货号:1007



冷藏保质 14天。每个酥糕约70克。


支持配送,亦可选择前往 Mr & Mrs Bund 或 Polux 自提。





拿到礼盒后记得仔细查看,幸运可能就在盒子中!15张奖券总共价值15,000元,其中包含Ultraviolet 晚餐两席。

French sablé biscuit and soft gourmand filling.

1 box of 8 cakes in 4 flavors: Lemon, Chocolate, Peanut, Orange Liquor

Shelf-life: 14 days in the fridge
Weight: 70g per cake

ULTRA-LUNE Box is available for order until September 10th, 2022 or sold out.

Express delivery within Mainland China or self-pickup at Mr & Mrs Bund or Polux in Shanghai.

Bulk order: Enjoy preferential price for buying more than 20 boxes in one order.

Storage & Degustation: Keep the box refrigerated at all time until degustation.

Let the cakes slowly warm up at room temperature 30 minutes to 1 hour before tasting.

Pair with your favorite tea or coffee.  We recommend unsweetened, strong latte, to compliment the milky-buttery flavor of the cakes.

Lucky tickets: With every ULTRA-LUNE purchased, you have the chance to win the lucky ticket.  More orders, more chances! 

Look closely into your box, the lucky ticket might appear! 15 tickets with total value of 15,000 RMB, including 2 seats at Ultraviolet!

支持国内配送,或前往 Mr & Mrs Bund 或 Polux 自提。

配送:运费每笔订单 30元起,单笔订单与单一配送地址若订购超过 20 盒则免运费。大量盒数订单若需配送至多个地址,请与客服联系。


礼盒将从 8月21日起,按照订单购买顺序和预定送货期间,按序发货配送。



Express delivery within Mainland China or self-pickup at Mr & Mrs Bund or Polux in Shanghai

Express delivery: Fee starts from 30 RMB per order. Complementary delivery for more than 20 boxes per order for one single address. To deliver one bulk order to multiple addresses, please contact customer service.

In the order process, select “Express”, and check available locations within mainland China.

Boxes will be expressed starting from August 21st, in order of time of inquiries and during your pre-selected period.

Delivery is done by appointed third-party logistic company. Please make sure to check the product’s condition before receipt. If there is any issue with the product, please inform us within 12 hours after receipt. 

Self-Pickup: Starting August 21st at your selected store, on your selected date during its collecting hours.

Our cakes are produced daily in limited quantity, so pickup at our stores will be given on first-come, first-served basis.





1)  取消订单时,若产品尚未开始制作,餐厅将保留已收取订单款项的20%,退还余款。

2)  取消订单时,若产品已进入制作流程,餐厅有权收取违约金,保留全额款项。


Terms & Condition – Purchasing & Cancellation

Please read carefully the terms and conditions.  Proceed to purchase only if you confirm and agree.  By using this online platform and purchasing the product, you agree to follow the process and requirement, in order to complete the purchase and receive the product properly.

We purchase quality ingredients according to the number of orders to make this product freshly, which is to be refrigerated and has short shelf-life.  Therefore, this product is not applicable to the policy of “return and exchange without reason in 7 days”, stated in the 25th clause of PRC’s consumer protection law.

After you place the order and complete the payment, you automatically form a purchasing contract with us.  If you decide to cancel the order, it would be considered a violation to the contract and liquidated damages might occur:

1)  At the time of cancellation, if we haven’t started the production based on your order, we shall collect 20% of the order payment as deposit, and refund the balance.
2)At the time of cancellation, if we have started the production, we are entitled to collect liquidated damages by keeping the full payment.

We appreciate your kind understanding and support.